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vines in Mezzocorona, Trentino on the estate of Marco Donati
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Dario and Luciano Ermacora
Nomen omen goes an ancient Roman proverb – the name predicts.

The name Ermacora has roots in the history of the ancient Romans. Ermacora was in fact the name of the first bishop of Aquileia, who lived around the middle of the III century and it was the Romans who constructed the historical bridge on the Natisone River, along the antiquated route that still today leads to Ipplis. It is in this village of Lombard origin that Dario and Luciano Ermacora operate their winery.

The estate is located in the D.O.C. Colli Orientali of Friuli, a hilly region fortunately bestowed with the ideal soil and microclimate for the cultivation of the vines: culture, tradition, and quality of unique wines that do not know time.The friable marl and limestone soil is ideally suited for growing Friuli’s popular native varietals. The land is interspersed with wooded areas populated with wildlife and a stream providing diverse ecology for the vineyards. The Ermacoras are absolutely fierce in their environmental program relying on an aggressive use of clover and dandelions to protect their vines

The wine making is meticulous, showing great respect for the fruit and the tradition of these wines in the region. They are characterized by a definite minerality, floral notes, fully developed flavors, structure and balance. Whites are all fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, with substantial bottle time before release.


FRIULI Colli Orientali Del Friuli

Pinot Bianco ‘12

If you thought Bianco meant blank, think again! Intense nose, fully developed on the palate, Rich!

Pinot Grigio ‘12

Rich minerality, full bodied with delicate florals and fruit- it’s a Pinot Grigio like no other

Sauvignon ‘11

Undeniably sauvignon but with great finesse and balance

Friulano ‘12

Classic Tocai flavors – Bosc pear and bitter almond finish – more full bodied, richer flavors than many

Cabernet Sauvignon ‘11

Medium bodied, lighter in color, aged 1 year in large oak casks, fruit driven

Pignolo ‘04

Ancient and fairly rare Friuli varietal, full bodied, deep red color, complex flavors, defined tannins, needs meat with rich sauce

Refosco ‘07

Friuli’s best known red, aged in large wood casks– medium bodied, spicy, looking for ragu, cheese

Schioppettino ‘10

Aged in large wood casks. Nam ed for “rifle” because of the burst of pepper on the finish, forest fruit, smokey

Rosso Riul ‘04

Blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Refosco; fermentation in steel then 18 months in large and small wood casks, 1 year bottle aging before release