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A note from Alfred Hitchcock, 1925, archived at Frecciarossa

Signora Margherita Radici Odero
Historic estate in Otrepò Pavese – they have the 19th license issued for export dating from 1934. Frecciarossa is located on the 45th parallel and in fact their signature wine is Pinot Nero. They are known for their 4500 rose bushes interspersed throughout the vineyards to help detect any environmental problems prior to their affecting the vines. Treatments are sparse, fully in accordance with EU regulations for sustainable agriculture and only applied when absolutely necessary in the smallest possible effective dose.


LOMBARDIA Oltrepò Pavese

Croatina '09

A historic grape from Oltrepò Pavese; always blended until now

Riesling '10 Gli Orti
100% Riesling Renano; dry, crisp, delicious

Sillery ‘12

100% Pinot Nero vinified as a white wine.

Le Praielle ‘07

65% Barbera, 30% Croatina, 5% Uvarara, rich, complex, dark fruit, tannin, acidity, a mouthful of Oltrepò

Giorgio Odero ‘08

100% Pinot Nero, voted best in Italy for 2005, Tre Bicchieri

Uvarara ‘11

“Rare grape,”medium bodied, balanced bright red fruit and acidity – the wine for salumi

Uvarara ’05 (375ml)

Minimum 24 bottles