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vines in Trentino on the estate of Marco Donati
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Marco Furlan GM, friend Lorenzo Damiano, founder Gianfranco Furlan

Gianfranco Furlan, Marco's father started the winery at Castelcosa when it was a deteriorating estate, parts of which go back to medieval times. The family has restored the property to its former painted-ceiling-gilded-mirror glory for banquets and private parties but has retained the cellar for their wine making. They produce a wide variety of wines in response to local demands. Furlan wines are characterized by their varietal typicity, lovely balance, drinkability, although very age worthy, and compatibility with food. The whites, with the exception of the Pinot Grigio that goes into the Castelcosa blend are all macerated with the skins and aged for a minimum of 6 months on the lees in steel tanks. The reds are well rounded with mouth watering bouquet, smooth tannins, intense fruit flavors, complexity.



FRIULI Venezia Giulia

D.O.C.G. Fruit, acidity, balance, FINISH!

Chardonnay ‘08

100% Steel Aged; aromatic, well balanced with nice acidity; citrus and floral notes

Cuvee Tai ‘07

60% Tocai, 30% Pinot Bianco, 10% Traminer; gorgeous – nothing else to say!

Ramato ’06

100% Pinot Grigio, traditionally made with 30 hours skin contact maceration; aging on the lees; copper colored; rich, complex, balanced

Ribolla Gialla ‘12

A Friuli native possibly brought by the Romans from sojourns in Greece; dry, tropical fruit flavors, persistent hazelnut finish

Sauvignon '11

Limited skin contact to soften natural minerality; less intense than many – wonderful food wine

Tocai “Mari Me” ‘11

100% Tocai Friulano; “Mari Me” means Mother Mine in the Friulian language and is a dedication to Mrs Furlan. Tocai Friulano was the only white she drank.

Cabernet Franc ‘09

100% Cabernet Franc; Marco Furlan’s favorite wine

Merlot ‘07

Lovely fruit, full bodied but with soft tannins, round, seamless;

Pinot Nero ‘11

Pinot Nero has a long history in Friuli; steel aged; medium bodied, ripe cherry flavors tinged with nutmeg & cinnamon

Pinot Nero ‘05 Campo di Nappa

Riserva; name means “Field of the Big Nose” in the Friulian language! There’s a story! Aged in American oak; age worthy

Primitivo “Mother Zin” ‘08

100% Primitivo di Salento; fruit bought from friends in Puglia; bottled by Furlan in Friuli under the label of Borgo al Castello

Refosco ‘07

Steel aged red, spicy, perfect for cheeses, ragus especially rabbit, other game; migrated to France as Petit Verdot

Pra di Pradis Stuccara ‘05

Merlot, Cabernet Franc blend; full bodied, dark fruit flavors with spicy edges; large formats available by special order

Schioppettino ‘05 (500ml)

Off dry red – fantastic! Try with game, gumbo, chocolate; just not all at once!

SoleTerraVite ‘00

Sun,EarthVines; 80% Merlot, 20% Refosco. Rich, complex, beautifully balanced fruit, acidity, tannins

VINJULI by Furlan

FRIULI Venezia Giulia

Chardonnay '10
Bright, crisp, citrus flavors

Friulano '11
Complex; nice example of the grape!

Pinot Grigio '13
Not too dry, not too sweet, just right!

Cabernet Franc '12
Great value; Cabernet Franc to the max!

Cabernet Sauvignon '12
Definitely Cab Sauv, definitely Italian - no oak

Merlot '08