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Mamete Prevostini

The history of Mamete Prevostini as an Italian wine-producing cellar goes back fully 70 years and is very closely tied to a specific area: that of Valtellina. Itfs one of the key areas of terraced vineyards in the whole of Italy. Prevostinifs wines each has its own very distinct and unique character. Each of his wines has its own story to tell of the Valtellina region; therefs style, subtlety, boldness promoting a splendid individual interpretation of the Valtellina Nebbiolo. Each wine has its own particular refinement process, following procedures which are in constant development year after year.

Every year in fact method and timing play a crucial part in order to reach the maximum potential for every different wine produced. Prevostini also takes full advantage of a very natural assistant; an ideal place for wine maturation is the natural phenomenon which the Valtellinese refer to as a crotto.
It was within the crotto (natural caves formed in prehistoric times, and very typical of Valchiavenna) that shortly after the war grandfather Mamete Prevostini began to make wine using local grapes, which he would use to serve customers in the Crotasc - the restaurant which still today represents a classic point of reference for anyone wishing to get to know the typical specialities of Valtellina. The first serious production though did not begin until 1988 following a series of experiments into both grape cultivation and in wine-making itself. We're talking now about Mamete - the grandson and current owner - who took over the reins of the business, and after an exhausting series of trials lasting over a period of eight years, his very first and genuine produce saw the light of day in 1995. It was to take little more than a decade for this enological project to make a profound impression with its quite exceptional wines from the valley.
It's long been accepted that a beautiful landscape incorporating vineyards is quite simply not enough to guarantee a wine with enough quality to be capable of crossing regions or to attract interest from beyond the traditional Swiss market. Mamete's pursuit of excellence left no stone unturned. He considered every single angle of the art of the vine and wine production, incorporating technology and experimentation at the expense of empiricism or dogma often founded on guesswork and with poor yields.
A trip to Chiavenna will open your eyes and perhaps more importantly still - will tickle those taste buds.


LOMBARDIA Valtellina

Botonero '11

100% Nebbiolo

Corte di Cama Sforzato '09

Made from dried grapes; deep, dark, complex flavors; exceptional balance; the palate wins!

Corte di Cama Sforzato '07 (375ml)

Minimum 12 bottles

Sassella Valtellina Superiore '07

100% Nebbiolo, Riserva; it's just gooood!