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Vivalda Massimiliano

"Talking about our company is like talking about ourselves, about our way of conceiving life and the work we chose. For this reason we prefer to entrust to our wine bottles, more than to words, the tale of wines coming from the heart, from the passion and from respecting nature.”
Massimiliano &  Simona Vivalda

Located in Monferrato in the heart of the Barbera D’Asti region, Massimiliano and Simona have rebuilt the vineyards taking over from Max’s father and created a true expression of the range available from this well known varietal. Their four styles of Barbera D’Asti range from lightly frizzante to full bodied and very age worthy.


PIEMONTE Nizza Monferrato

Barbera D’Asti ’11 “Vivalda”

Drinkable all the time

Barbera D’Asti '06 "L’Clumbe"

Bottle aged "Riserva" style; so balanced but very complex

Barbera D’Asti '04 Superiore "Amistà"

Riserva; beautiful - one of the prettiest Barbbera D'Asti I've tasted

Dolcetto D’Asti ‘08

The taste of purple!

Moscato D’Asti ‘12 “Nettare”

Peaches, apricots but not too sweet... just right!

Moscato D'Asti '07 (375 ml)

Minimum 24 bottles